Fall 2023 Schedule
Monday & Wednesday
First Team is Visitors - 3rd base dugout.
Second Team is Home 1st base dugout.
Because we are going to play 9 innings this season, the early game will start at 8:30
The late game will start at 10:30. We'll likely adjust when it gets colder.

Early GamesLate Games
Oct 16BluevsGrayRedvsTeal
Oct 18TealvsRedGrayvsBlue
Oct 23RedvsBlueTealvsGray
Oct 25GrayvsTealBluevsRed
Oct 30RedvsGrayTealvsBlue
Nov 01BluevsTealGrayvsRed
Nov 06RedvsTealBluevsGray
Nov 08GrayvsBlueTealvsRed
Nov 13TealvsGrayRedvsBlue
Nov 15BluevsRedGrayvsTeal
Nov 20TealvsBlueRedvsGray
Nov 22GrayvsRedBluevsTeal
Nov 27BluevsGrayRedvsTeal
Nov 29TealvsRedGrayvsBlue
Dec 04RedvsBlueTealvsGray
Dec 06GrayvsTealBluevsRed
Dec 11RedvsGrayTealvsBlue
Dec 13BluevsTealGrayvsRed