About Us

Mesquite Senior Softball is Mesquite’s co-ed softball league for seniors, those who are aged 55 or better. Players are encouraged to come out regardless of ability and enjoy the activity, exercise, and camaraderie.

Many players are athletes of bygone days, reliving time when their body moved more fluidly and effortlessly. You’ll frequently hear comments such as, “My mind says I’m 18 and my body tells me otherwise!”

The league began when one of the early players commented it was a shame Mesquite is known for attracting tournaments but didn’t have a team or league of its own. Soon, there were flyers and posters in the Recreation Center and around town. They began to ring of people wanting to find out more.

The league runs from October through December and January through May. The turnout is growing and the league usually sports about 4 full team rosters, and a couple volunteer umpires.

If you’d like to join the league, send a quick email to: mesquitelegends@gmail.com.