Administrative Rules

1. NOTIFY YOUR TEAM CAPTAIN IF YOU ARE GOING TO MISS A GAME. It’s very difficult on captains and teams to scramble for players 5 minutes before game time when they figure you are not coming.
2. Generally, our rules are the same as, or aligned with, the SSUSA rules.
3. Each team plays two innings at a time. The Home team shall take the field and the Visitors shall bat until accumulating 5 runs or 3 outs, at that time the bases will be cleared and the Visitors shall bat until accumulating 5 runs or 3 outs. Then Home team shall bat and follow the same procedures for two innings. When both teams shall have batted for a total of six innings the umpire shall declare “Open Inning” and the team behind in the score shall bat and play until three outs. If that team is still behind in the score that shall be the end of the game.
4. Team captains will meet with the home plate umpire 5 minutes before game time to exchange team rosters.
5. Geezer softball shall provide a pitching safety net that shall be used at all times. The pitcher must pitch over the net and stay behind the safety net, except for infield flies, short hits in front of the plat, or to cover first base.
6. Geezer softball will provide a team bat for those that do not have one. Players may provide their own bat. Please respect others bats, they cost a lot.
7. A tie game at the end of the game will end in a tie.
8. ONLY Team Captains shall dispute calls to the umpires. Umpire decisions are final. You may file a written appeal to the Commissioner if you believe the ruling did not comply with SSUSA or Geezer rules.

Field of Play Rules

1. Team captains may use 10 or 11 players on the field. If subs are required to get to 10 or 11, “#1” players can only sub for #1 players, #2 may sub for #1 or #2 players, #3 and #4 players may sub for any player. There are no limit to the number of subs, but regular team members must play and bat before the subs.
2. The home plate umpire will call BOTH balls and strikes.
3. When a lady bats, a lady softball can be used. This ball shall be replaced after her turn at bat.
4. Courtesy runners can be used anytime at any base. A courtesy runner can only run for once per inning.
5. In order to avoid collisions at 1st base, runners must run to the outside bag. However, the runner may touch the inside bag if the outside bag is obstructed by a defensive player or if there is no play at first.
6. All outfielders must play behind the white line until the pitched ball is struck. Infielders must play on the dirt area when a lady or #3 or #4  player bats. There is no rover position. Outfielders cannot throw a runner out at 1st base, no relay a throw through an infielder to first base.
7. When the umpire calls an infield fly, the batter is out and it shall be treated as a dead ball with runners returning to the previous base. Runners may not advance.

*Rules will only be changed in September and held throughout the year. To submit a proposed change, email to: geezersoftball@gmail.com